Main Meeting

Main Meeting

Main Meetings are where we connect with each other and open up the Bible to learn about Jesus. It's a great place to bring along friends to uncover Jesus for themselves.

  •  Tue @ 4pm-5pm
     G30 1.09
  •  Wed @ 4pm-5pm
     G11 3.60
Playing volleyball


Bring your friends and join us for volleyball. No skill required. Just a chance to hang out. (Some of us simply enjoy chatting on the sidelines.)

  •  Tues, Wed @ 3pm-4pm
     Beach volleyball courts (near G40)
ABC Bible Study


ABCs are small groups of 3-4 students that meet at differing times in the week to read the Bible together. If you have never investigated Jesus much for yourself, these groups are a great place to begin.

  •  Anytime!
GCS weekly training hour on campus


Equip is our weekly training time to be further equipped in the knowledge and skills for ministry & mission.

  •  Tuesday 2pm
     G14 tables
Focus at Griffith University Gold Coast. A group for international students to make friends and meet Jesus.


Focus is a group for international students who would like to make friends and learn about Jesus. Read the Bible, practice your English, and enjoy a free dinner.

  •  Thurs @ 6pm-8pm
     G11 3.62
O-week Stall Students


If you are a Med, Masters, or Ph.D. student, come join us for dinner (free) at 6pm, followed by our Post Grad Main Meeting at 6.30pm. We open the Bible & encourage one another in being a witness to Jesus on campus.

  •  Mon @ 6pm-7.30pm
     G23 1.14