Main Meetings

Main Meetings are on at 5pm every Tuesday and Wednesday. This is our key time together each week as we connect with each other, explore who Jesus is from the Bible and are trained in living as Christians at university. Check out our Facebook page for updates on room locations.


ABC’s are small groups of 3- 4 students that meet at differing times during the week to read the Bible together. If you’ve never investigated Jesus much for yourself these groups are a great place to begin.

Core Theology

Core Theology is our training hour where we train ourselves in Christian ministry, thinking & living. These are on every Tuesday and Wednesday at 3pm.

Mid Year Camp

Save the date! Not to be missed. More info to come...


Bring your friends & join us to play volleyball every Tuesday and Wednesday 4pm at the beach volleyball courts (near G40). No skill required, just a chance to hang out together. Some of us simply enjoy chatting on the sidelines.

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